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Leadership God's Way

"Lead Like Jesus Led: Unleash Your Inner Christ-Centered Leader"

Marcus Laughlin is teaching a "Lead Like Jesus Led: Unleash Your Inner Christ-Centered Leader" 4-week class on Sundays March 3 - March 24 from 5pm-6pm.

  • Is something missing in your relationship to Christ? Feeling stuck in a rut, yearning for something deeper, more impactful? Look no further than the ultimate leadership guide: the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

  • This isn't your average leadership course. Join us for a transformative 4-week journey exploring Jesus' revolutionary approach to leadership, built on love, service, and sacrifice.

  • Dive deeper than ever before into the scriptures, uncovering the secret sauce of Jesus' leadership: Discover His core principles, practical methods, and powerful influence – lessons applicable to every aspect of your life.

  • From follower to leader: Learn how Jesus cultivated disciples, turning ordinary people into extraordinary change-makers. Explore what it means to make disciples yourself and equip others to do the same.

  • More than just words: Dive into the real-world application of Jesus' teachings. See how His leadership principles translate into concrete actions, empowering you to lead with purpose and authenticity in your family, workplace, community, and beyond.

  • The first 20 people to register will receive a free copy of Marcus's book "Setting Your Compass to Impact the World."

  • Contact the church office with questions. Call 843-766-5521 or email:

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