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Opportunities to Connect with Real AWESOME 2016 events:

Family FUSION @ Folly begins June 8
Youth Mission Trip, June 24 - July 2
Summer Youth Camp, July 25-29
Family Youth Carowinds Thursday, August 4 (sign up, limited space)

Can't make it?  Some ARBC Youth Events stream live on "Periscope". 
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Youth Highlight Videos:
SeeSalt 2015  
Mission Trip Cleveland 2015
Kenya Mission Trip 2015
2015 Love God, Serve

World Changers/PowerPlant Cleveland 2014 Mission Trip

Youth Collide Charleston 2014
Youth Seesalt 2014 - Whyderness
Impact Charleston 2013 Video

Winter Retreat 2014: Impact your world!

Seesalt 2013 Summer Camp Summary Video
Mission-Fuge 2013 Summary Video 
Sierra & Sky Mission Kenya Video Summary
We are a Spartan....

Casey Rudd TV
2016 Youth Ski Retreat
Winter Retreat 2k15 Video

Snow Ski 2K14 World Impact Video
Snow Ski Retreat 2K13 Video
SeeSalt 2K13: Zip line & White Water
2014 Promotion Day Pool Party

2015 Summer Highlight trips, click below and read about them!


Love God, Serve.....
Joining Charleston Youth Groups In Service

Youth Sponsor two Children, Sandra Donald & Salim Mamisi, who live in Kenya, Africa.
  (more information about how you can help too!)