ARBC currently has Men's and Women's Softball Teams. We are hoping to start another Men's softball team (we need at least 15-18 new players to sign up, register below asap).  There has been some interest in Beach and Indoor Volleyball teams as well (register below and let us know you are interested!)

We also help organize Men's basketball teams in local leagues.  Sign up if interested. Golf?  Bowling?  We already have many who are connecting through recreation, some organized.  Have children and want to involve them in a Christian Sports program?  If you are interested in connecting with others who are also interested, register below.  Before the applicable sports season, you can register below any time to be contacted by the coach when the first practice is organized.

Fans wanted!!!  Want to just come out and watch our teams as they play?  See upcoming schedules below as they are available.

Walking/biking or running?  ARBC is developing a fit trail around the ARBC Softball field along the beautiful wooded marsh.  This 1,500 foot walking trail is marked every 100' with a red flag and is under development.  You can help by walking on it!  In addition, we hope to plant an azalea or other ornate bush every 100' and have fit stations put in as use increases.  Give it a try and let us know about your experience.

ARBC is strategically established on the West Ashley Greenway.  We have walking and biking groups that enjoy connecting in our safe parking lot for a time together on the "Greenway."  If you are interested in connecting with others with this interest, register below. Click here for Greenway info/map.

 Sports Teams & Schedules 

Men's Softball Schedule

Women's Softball Schedule

ARBC Softball Teams are a great way to connect with other softball folks who love Christ.  Games are played in the Spring evenings during the week at ARBC fields. Cost is minimal.

 Men's Basketball Schedule
ARBC Basketball team plays games in a local Church league on Tues/Thurs nights beginning in late March. Additional Summer and Fall Leagues are possible. Cost is minimal.

Co-ed Volleyball
ARBC Volleyball team is a great way to enjoy fellowship and connect with others.  Games are played at beginning in July.  Come support our team!

 Team Member Expectations:
To be a member of an ARBC Recreation Sports team, the expectation is that you will attend our ministry opportunities as much as possible.  Our Recreation Ministry Goal is that you will connect with other Christians and in a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Recreation Sign Up
Sports Registration

Sign up below if you're interested in participating in ARBC Sports Teams. 

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