Petros Men's Ministry

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PETROS men will first submit their lives to Jesus Christ; be vigilant in their fight against sin; endeavor to live Holy, love their wives, love their children; be committed to a local church, serve, be submissive and through discipleship and accountability produce other Godly men.


"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; Be courageous; Be strong."
~I Corinthians 16:13


THE LOGO: The PETROS logo was designed by a member of Ashley River Baptist Church.  It signifies the essence of what it means to be a true man of God in a fallen world.


PETROS: the word itself has meaning; it is a Greek variation of "Peter". It also means "rock". Our target-market is men, and our aim is to build rock-solid men of faith on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

petros cross

The sword signifies the spiritual weapon we use to fight the ways and the forces of Darkness that come against us, our wives, our children, our church, our community and the world.

The color red signifies the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed as atonement for our sin when God sent his only son to save us and set us free.