Disaster Relief

Disaster often strikes.  The time to prepare is way before they happen.  That is why Ashley River Disaster Relief Team provides regular preparation and training.  This is accomplished by providing regular "Serve Day" projects where we can work together, keep our tools sharp and recruit additional volunteers.  You do not have to be a "certified" Disaster Relief team member to join in on our regular projects here at ARBC.  Further "official" certification opportunities come along from time to time and will be a natural extension of your preparation for that BIG disaster when it happens.  Join us on the next "bridge-builder Serve Day" or contact us about helping out with one of the ongoing projects below.

Ongoing Projects
There are ways we can show the love of Christ by loving our neighbors.  We try to chop away at the needs presented to the team on a need priority, as resources (volunteers/etc) are available basis.  Below is a list of projects we are presently working on.  If you can help, respond by clicking the volunteer tab and submit your information.  You will be contacted when the next "Disaster Relief Team Serve Day" is scheduled.  If you have time and there is a project that you or you and a few other volunteers can help with on your schedule, that can be arranged as well.

  • Doors to Freedom Work days (ongoing Painting and yard work)
  • Senior Adult Roof Leak repair - leaking roof and other repairs made.  Damaged ceiling sheet-rock and insulation removed and plastic in place until roof repair is verified.  Task to do: Replace Sheetrock/paint. (small area)
  • Loving America Street - painting shelving for "Laundry matters", other needs.
  • Handicap ramp
  • South Carolina Baptist Convention, Disaster Relief - Need to Trap roofs!  Other assignments on going. "rebuildSC"  
  • Rake & Run - From time to time, help is needed in this area.

ARBC Disaster Relief Team Leaders: Ron Peek, Tucker Furtick, Clayton Spillers